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Client is second generation, supported 3 generations and continue families or entertainers, sumo wrestler, businessman, doctor, University Professor and a wide range of people, to treatment for a total of more than 100000 people in 23 years. Now that preventive medicine and cell regeneration techniquecoconOriginal cosmetic acupuncture, body acupuncture and moxibustion therapy will do with home treatment referral-only.

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23We support allowing original therapy combining acupuncture with the procedure was cultivated over the years, one healthy and patient person, age beautifully. Also in the name of the hospitalcocon(ここん)In France,“まゆ”The mean.“まゆ”Are we informed combines strength and suppleness and elegance, to the ideals of our Lady.

Also, I was... now and then... at least we offer treatments to help realize the effects on optimal therapy, incorporating the wisdom of Oriental medicine and pronounced the same, age-old and new beauty technique.

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We want to delight our mind is.
Aiming for trusted care home, we are looking forward to meeting with patients.

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Pain and fatigue come from work, child-rearing, daily life, etc.. Each person is cause of the symptoms. We will meet our aim the improvement of symptoms, along with support. Also if necessary, will propose including stretching and light exercise and training.