Natural skin playing with Oriental medicine and the latest beauty technology

♦ herbpea ring (seasonal limited September-March)
* After treatment with 5-7 days after beauty liquid vitamin C, EGF. Danaher introduction FGF (growth factor)

Support the health and beauty from the inside of the body
♦ Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy

In moxibustion therapy thermal stimuli also promotes blood flow. Moxa in moxibustion marks to leave and is expected to increase white blood cell count and increase the immune system effects. With acupuncture plus Moxa to continue treatment, we will change the Constitution. Immune system is down, sensitivity to cold, allergy, especially Moxa treatment recommended the.

♦ personal training

♦ cell growth treatments

♦ EC Pack (bedrock paint on your face! )

♦ scalp acupuncture (with a dry massage)

♦ foot massage (20 min)

♦ deep thermal treatment (20 min)